Gallery Update 11/30/22

Omaha, NE - Update

Today we have a pretty decent update for the Omaha, NE, show. 43 new photos and 6 new videos can be found in their respective galleries.


Photo credit: pattrin13, barrygoth77, sarah_inthesun, lucy.barbee, shawn_everidge, ashavecilla, youslappedafish, elizabethh_woods, ya_sh_an_ti & g0rynight


Video credit: Pandemic Jones, Av Kv, Shawn Everidge, MavLHP44 & Dan Tran

Oklahoma City, OK - Update

Also a nice update for the Oklahoma, OK, show! You can find 52 new pictures and 1 new video in the gallery. Unfortunately, video material remains rare for this show.


Photo credit: AKruscavage, dierdremoore, iamkaylastewart, TravelingBummer, HalfEmptyGirl26, Ognathan420, rikross22


Video credit: hbk2467y2j

Atlanta, GA - Update

The first update for the Atlanta, GA show! And it’s a pretty good one: 28 new images and 4 new videos have been added to the galleries.

Photo credit: Zachary Gray, luyamgarciag, bayleyelmoree, vintaegeblue97, corinnekellyb, cara.atl & amberbela

Video credit: Allen knott, Austin Dotson & Christy Chicas

Chicago, IL - Update

And finally, a small update with 8 new photos for the photogallery of the Chicago, IL show.


Photo credit: aminapleassse, toxic_bby222 & averymaloto

Final Word

With the Omaha, NE show, the tour official ended. The Holidays are also approaching so gallery updates will be less frequently than during the tour. I will try to do one or two updates per week now until the next tour starts on the 2nd of March 2023 in Lima, Peru.


In the meantime I will work on filling the missing years in both the photo- and videogallery. I also want to rework certain areas of the website. Thanks to everyone who follows the updates, it definitely feels good to have it back up and running after all those years.


For those interested: I am still looking for like-minded fans who would be willing to help on the Social Media aspect. Feel free to drop an email if you are interested 🙂

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