Gallery Update 11/26/22

Omaha, NE

Paramore played their last show of this year at the Orpheum Theatre in Omaha, NE yesterday. A new gallery has been added with 57 photos. Unfortunately, like we’ve seen with the last few shows, the video footage is still behind. There are 11 videos (mostly clips) available.


Photo credit: avkv85, shawn_everidge, athenabarbas, tontek16, sydney_lillian, jxj_joann, reader489, taryn_here, jambamjar, righteousriah, sophiefholtz, andrewsmusgrove


Video credit: Pandemic Jones & shawn_everidge

Oklahoma City, OK - Update

The Omaha, OK show has received a decent update with 77 new pictures. Videos are still hard to find, so for now, also 11 videos are available for this show.


Photo credit: mdsntylr, alexistippitt, puncturedw1ngs, joshy209, aalenamo, theerikaruiz, zeke.dezeeuw, nikolermolina, strawberryerinah, corgiinmylap, sandraxxa, phvntasmagoria, mandi.ri0s, crismxn & michaelarulezzz


Video credit: Stephanie Shorter, stinkybano & Montanna Maylen

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