Gallery Update 12/7/22

New York Photoshoot

This photoshoot was taken during the New York show on the 13th of November in The Beacon Theater. Unfortunately, the photo credits for the 2 photos are unknown for the time being.

Omaha, NE - Update

A small update with 10 new images has been added to the Omaha, NE photo gallery!


Photo credit: avkv85

Oklahoma City, OK - Update

A bigger update for the Oklahoma City, OK show. You can find 25 new pictures in the photo gallery.


Photo credits: cinematalk, babycakes_ky, tracy.tinsley & rekcutx

St. Augustine, FL - Update

Also a small update with 8 new photos has been added to the St. Augustine, FL photo gallery.


Photo credit: its_just_beth_ & jpbertra

Cincinnati, OH - Update

The biggest addition with this gallery update is for the Cincinnati, OH show. You can check out 29 near HQ pictures in the photo gallery!


Photo credit: aquarius_szn, a_rieser, andrsnamy, deadboy28 & mtnmama.kla

Los Angeles, CA - Update

A decent update with 15 new images for the 1st Los Angeles show in the Belasco Theater. The backstage gallery for this show received a small update with two new photos as well.


Photo credits: Hayley Williams, Sam Scarce & Lindsey Hartman

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