Gallery Update 12/4/22

KROQ Interview with Hayley & Zac

Hayley & Zac visited KROQ for a radio interview on December 2nd. Three photos of the interview can be found in the gallery.


Photo credit: KROQ & Unknown

Hayley & Zac at iHeartMedia

While being in LA, Hayley and Zac visited iHeartMedia and took some photo’s while they were there. 3 Pictures can be found in the photogallery.


Photo credit: daydayred_, wackoefilms & ronniehiii

Hayley for Allure Magazine

During the New York show on November 13th, Allure Magazine followed her backstage while she got ready for the show. 8 Images can be found in the photogallery of her pre-show preparations.


Photo credit: Nicola Dall’Asen/Allure

Various show updates

Some big and some minor photo updates to a variety of shows:

Toronto credit: gabemurrell_ & kyle.shostak
Austin credit: Nathan Malone & doctorbobster
Chesterfield credit: jaaaaacqui
Magna credit: jasfromparamore & aprilw84

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