Gallery Update 11/3/22

Los Angeles, CA

A few days ago, Paramore played their 2nd show in Los Angeles, CA. Since it was Halloween that night, all band members performed in Halloween costumes.


A new photo gallery with 71 photos has been added, together with a video gallery that has a full set video and 15 others of individual songs.


Photo credit: AndyZ1o, rribsbylorde, xruledbyvenus, hngryhppo, legend.jmg, sarahk_music, mijowastaken, trishiahernandez, jimihendkix, interstate.visi0n, codysavedlatin, herostatus, debidelgrande, melodramars & unknown


Video credit: Geoffrey Gardner, Cody DeFrate, Alan Cruz, Carina Sustento & BBB

Las Vegas, NV - Update

A small update to the gallery for the 2nd show at the When We Were Young Festival in Las Vegas, NV.


16 new photos, 4 new videos, and 3 replaced videos can be found in their respective galleries!


Photo credit: Zachary Gray, avkv85, _last.hope_, aubreyh102, esjay_bishop & kendrathenerdgirl


Video credit: Av Kv, Robacheto!, jaylenxharris, Josiah Botting & PichyTheReef&CoralReef

Los Angeles, CA - Update

Another nice update for the first show in Los Angeles, CA. 39 new photos and 1 new video have been added to their respective galleries.


Photo credit: dustinpardue, Jon Z, Sam Scarce, kyle.45052, hngryhppo & melodramars


Video credit: Dustin Pardue

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