Gallery Update 11/24/22

Oklahoma City, OK

Paramore is coming near the end of the 2022 US Tour! Yesterday, they played their show in The Criterion in Oklahoma City, OK. A new photo gallery has been added with 65 pictures. Video content is still lacking, so the video gallery for this show will come with the next update.


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Mexico City, MX - Update

The photo gallery for the Corona Capital festival in Mexico City is rapidly becoming one of the best galleries for this tour. A HUGE update with 140 HQ images has been added to the photogallery!


Photo credit: Zachary Gray, Iván Badillo, labestia_mx, theozcorp, Liliana Estrada, paralandmore, aidee_ro, alvarrockgarcia_fotografia,, brandon_dzdl, maualbertos, bjmedios & hoytocaconcierto

Paramore in Mexico City

Paramore took their time with fans when they arrived in Mexico City. You can find 4 photos of Paramore with fans and at the Mexico City airport.


Photo credit: wwemilio, iamjazyyork & unknown

St. Augustine, FL​ - Update

Also a small update with 8 new pictures has been added to the St. Augustine photogallery.


Photo credit: benjitrades, skylerschatzz & adriana_cook15

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