Gallery Update 11/21/22

Mexico City, MX

Two days ago, Paramore played the “Corona Capital Festival” in Mexico City. There’s a huge amount of footage available, so we’re starting with 68 photos and a 16-video full set videogallery!


Photo credit: Mayra Ortiz, isaacbrucehdz, daviddbarajas, sanirvingg, viriwanda, noemi.happygeek, monterreyrock, Jessiecervantes, prsap_1982, ervo1973 & unknown


Video credit: Alex J & LifebloodTV

St. Augustine, FL​ - Update

A pretty good update to the photogallery for the St. Augustine show. You can find 45 new pictures in this gallery.


Photo credit: Zachary Gray, littlelaur3n, eeyore1709, brittn_ayy, holly_mostdope, thisiswhyisthis, daphne.hall, robersonroni, crazyychriss123 & kermitkisser

Various backstage galleries

We’ve added three new photogalleries with backstage/fan photos. Click the links below to see each gallery.

Photo credits: Zachary Gray, riahmariah, daydreaminluvr, ohhhitstanya, tinyhotopicbitch & jessicalexandria97

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