Gallery Update 11/17/22

St. Augustine, FL

It’s been a few busy days for Paramore! They played two days in a row, the 2nd day was in St. Augustine, FL. Although there’s not much footage yet, we’ve added 35 photos and 15 videos of this show.


Photo credit: southinyurmouth, zaccatron, tigremisu, hannahfazio, mr.goodmusic, lawrencef091, crazyychriss123, colleen.mccaffrey, wickedcooldad, meganjanehigbee, itsalldayjorge, alf_therealtor & unknown


Video credit: gatorsam, Childish Brandino & ctmike1

Atlanta, GA

The day before St. Augustine, Paramore played their show in Atlanta, GA in The Tabernacle. A new gallery with 118 photos has been added, video footage is unfortunately rare, so only 10 videos are available at the moment.


Photo credit: Andy Barron, hannahari3l, idksofia23, partly21a,, bugpowder, fkteruel, tinyhotopicbitch, r.monttt, jademedits, aspenlking, tvxedomasc, vxlivingston, xaully, chelsea_thorne_, corgiinmylap, jessicalexandria97, terramazing, _camilonavarro, kramer139, melanieemonge, louisa.angermeier, rachelshearer, ashleemac14,, jade.notrebekah, jessicalexandria97, _cristinaaco & bethanygibs


Video credit: Allen knott, didis97, brianctrlcv, tinyhotopicbitch & lmcatanise

New York, NY - Update

Also a big update to the New York gallery, you can find 78 new photos in the photogallery.


Photo credit: Zachary Gray, tylerjordansoucy, daniellegrdovic, jennarosee, thegreatcatsby_, lukemersy, beacontheatre, amydipstick, yailenalmonte, rileyyy_mulligan, jaysnbourne, mollyjaex0, loganjessica123, ktmarchbank & chipzchrome

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