Gallery Update 11/14/22

New York, NY

Yesterday, Paramore played their show in New York, in the Beacon Theater. A new gallery for this show is available with 75 photos! Also, plenty of videos are available, so you can enjoy 18 videos (full set) as well.


Photo credit: avkv85, scottharrisphoto, flowers4vases, kylefraine, copycatkxller, kikitrombino, uselessthroats, rose_.04, arianna.jade, miketheodore, angelhernanbez369, kavinchang, adedejijenkins & cinemaxwellinc


Video credit: wojo4hitz

Cincinnati, OH - Update

A huge update for the Cincinnati, OH show today! 95 new photos can be found in the photo gallery. It was worth to wait a while for video footage, because we now have the full set on video!


Photo credit: Zachary Gray, John Mann, ParkerClark, sierralyttle, bran_cald, Bobby Taft, caseyfromparamore, bri_ky_1993, anthonypero, larsorwhatever, chyteaaaaa, photokeith, jooahooahooa, hann.morg & theparkerswank


Video credit: concertserenity & oijalana

Chicago, IL - Update

A tiny update for the Chicago, IL show. You can find 5 new photos in the respective gallery.


Photo credit: maribelllh & ryann.gee

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