Gallery Update 11/12/22

Cincinnati, OH

Starting off with a big photo gallery for the Cincinnati, OH, show last night! 68 photos can be found in this new gallery. Unfortunately, there’s not much video footage yet, so the video gallery is coming with the next update.


Photo credit: cornxroast, suite_kid, madi.meredith, bobbytaft, garthgamaray,, mattz1970, kk_mills, karabelle1422, draculaura.ld, dmprojcttcor, tabbicat_, bradymusiccenter, hxpedaniels, MissesLucifer, sam.kowalski, toriakabun & lurrisu

Chicago, IL - Update

A fairly big update to the Chicago, IL gallery. You can check out 62 new photos for this show!


Photo credit: Zachary Gray, chicagotheatre, conofoto, rockandlit, thisisfinebarb, sjoyflynn, alyssastearns, lu.ramosx, 666aurora, mangomami13, hulzwesaw, mabaripup, sophie.kelner24, jimmyneutronsfart, val.casstro, n.horneij & lorielainee

Toronto, ON - Update

Another cool update for the Toronto, ON show. With 51 new photos in the gallery it’s now at a total of 186 photos!


Photo credit: em_fauch, olivia.dudley9, megzarooni, shandislocket, chesca.mat, thisbandismylife, ughwen, steffisarge, mich_fauch & Unknown

10/29/22 - Las Vegas Update

A small update with 10 nice photos from the 2nd show at the When We Were Young Festival in Las Vegas, NV on October 29th.


Photo credit: nicolelemberg, patricksc1 & 4everjamona

10/23/22 - Las Vegas Updates

Also a small update for the 1st show at the When We Were Young Festival. Check out 19 new photos in the gallery!


Photo credit: Ellen Schmidt, tony.stark.93 & jaimiesphoto

Backstage Photos

We’ve added various new galleries containing backstage photos for the following shows:

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