Gallery Update 10/5/22

Bakersfield Update

It’s been three days since the Bakersfield show. I’ve pushed an update to both the photo and video gallery.


Added 27 photos to the gallery and completed the video set for this show. It now has the full set available as video!


Photo credits: tillahslens, sakurakittycat, hii.itsmelody_xx, mrbananamonkey, issabunnyx_x, jennislikewoah, MFPPhotography, igneousqueen & c_gabby14

Video credits: britanysaurus, Angeline, Chasing Demetrius, mysticsrider

First footage from Magna, UT

Last night, the 2nd show of this tour took place at The Great Saltair in Magna, UT.

The initial photo gallery for this show is 48 photos! Go check them out here. YouTube is still slightly behind, so far only 3 videos are available which can be found here.

Photo credits: mars_adventures, smilingontv, rribsbylorde, Zeitwes, Canndy055, im5x5b & ginchan_2020

Video credits: Itank son, oneofthoseparamoregirls & ode2trees

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