Gallery Update 10/30/22

Las Vegas, NV

Last night was Paramore’s 2nd show at the When We Were Young Festival in Las Vegas, NV. Unfortunately, there’s not too much footage yet. So for now, we added 18 photos and 8 videos to their respective galleries.


Photo credits: Ashley Osborn, oscmartinez90, highkey_allpressure & unknown


Video credits: Edwin Rodriguez, The Setlist & Josiah Botting

Los Angeles, CA - Update

A pretty big update to the Los Angeles, CA photogallery! A number of 82 new photos have been added bringing the total for this gallery to 136 photos! Sadly, no new video footage has appeared yet… stay tuned!


Photo credits: Zachary Gray, aylinrebecca, kamihonick, stormbornsaravia, onedaay, rexeroo102, unwrit_me_able, 7isagoodnumber, _alexthebat * dustinpardue, andreassihombingg

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