Gallery Update 10/29/22

Los Angeles, CA

Paramore played an intimate show in a smaller venue in Los Angeles, CA two days ago. Unfortunately, there’s not so many videos available yet. We currently have 9 videos listed out of 18 songs. However, there are 51 photos added to the respective gallery!


Photo credits: lucky.little.lamb, triciaforreal, seboltas, readysetchloo, l.freundl, whitesugar56, batbrit, neza20, wepodsonically, evierox1012, _staceybarrera, blueeyedgreen2, smilingontv, fueledbyandy & kellxi


Video credits: Dustin Pardue, neza, midorikoi & girl dim

Las Vegas, NV - Update

A minor update to both Las Vegas, NV galleries. 21 new photos and 6 new videos of the When We Were Young Festival have been added.


Photo credits: James Hartley, Zachary Gray, Kevin Wong, christian.x, Chris Michael, Manny Zepeda, azn_sinsation, haleyhuseby, leo.tdx & breddiespaghetti


Video credits: Victor Musnich & kohpuhsetik

Austin, TX - Update

Another tiny update to the 2nd show at the Austin City Limits Festival.


You can enjoy 6 new photos and 1 new video.


Photo credit: amuellerphoto

Video credit: dfizz25

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