Gallery Update 10/25/22

Las Vegas, NV

Two days ago, Paramore played at the When We Were Young Festival in Las Vegas. A historical night for Paramore fans because they played “All I Wanted” for the first time live, 13 years after its release!!! You can check the already iconic video in the video gallery. Also, a photo gallery is available with 52 photos for now.


Photo credits: whenwewereyoungfest, Jenn Deveraux, Ashley Osborn, Matthew Oliver,, kris_lori, christian.x, KuyaxZee, jennfive, muhbofriend, zkacz_11, tinyhotopicbitch, steve_mcrib, mireya.avocado, moon.atomic.21, therealskiesphotography, jennislikewoah & unknown


Video credits: Shawn Deffenbaugh, ximenapaz, Nido Queer, JerryHarryShow, Fans of the Correct, Patrick Carlson, tinyhotopicbitch, Jon Payne & ConcertDude

Austin, TX Backstage

Two backstage photos of the 2nd show at Austin City Limits festival have been added in a new gallery.

Asia Tour 2013

I made a start with the 2013 live shows in the past days! The first tour of 2013 was in Asia. 3 Shows have been added to this gallery and can be found here:

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