Gallery Update 10/17/22

Austin, TX Gallery Added

Yesterday, Paramore played their 2nd show during the Austin City Limits Festival. They played an alternated set list to keep things interesting!


57 photos have been added to this new album, and 10 videos in the video gallery, that’s just one song short for the full set. I’ll keep looking for the final video 🙂


Photo credits: Roger Ho, Ashley Osborn, Grant Pal, Daniel Cavazos, shibainugal, Hilly Monster, dangdaisy, castropixels, steve.himself, Skybones90, Lawson_Beyonce, tameimpalamusic, stormfritzphotography, jude.kern, bradnylee_j, cm_photographys, crumpnugget & raeswrld_


Video credits: Calvin Stephano, Bleed_DukeBlue & BAW1369

Bonner Springs, KS - Update

The Bonner Springs show started off with 88 photos in the gallery, but another 79 photos have been added bringing the total to 167!! The video gallery has been updated as well, 11 new videos have been added or replaced the instagram snippets.


Photo credits: thelastkanyefan, burntsunlight98, madisonmoretina, capricornqueenie, liss___, AnthonyColeslaw, angelo_cona, lisbergmeier, dylan_jam3s, mothqueeer, lilbitcaught, heavenfolk, justinerunnells, thatssodraven & Paula Molter


Video credits: Korey Barnes, Bill P, MvLHP44 & Nick Ward

Chesterfield, MO - Update

Another small update to the Chesterfield photogallery, 14 new photos have been added today.


Photo credits: taysap.rocky, _haleybuggg_ & unknown

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