Gallery Update 10/15/22

Bonner Springs, KS Gallery Added

Paramore played their show in the Azure Theatre at Bonner Springs, KS, last night. We’re kicking off this show with a big gallery of 88 photos!


There’s also a video gallery, which currently has 15 out of 18 possible videos. Most of them are embedded Instagram videos. I’m looking for a better way to embed these videos. Stay tuned for that! 🙂


Photo credits: Alex K, jh000u, effingalan, smilingontv, mfucalor, chocvrdeyes, effingalanjr, edesc45, casualtybyvariety, marley_vig, jayy_cliche, xacrt93, shelbymi11er, r0ad_k1ll.757, _mollyherring_, oliviaykliewer, decodeirl, traviolli18, ladybird099, littledreams, koreybarnes2024, monse.rdz03, rytrs34, tylerheston, c_nich3, Tavitiara, & unknown


Video Credits: Aerodyne Productions, Tacosauce2045, Av Kv & benzl

Chesterfield, MO - Update

A noteworthy update for the Chesterfield, MO show as well. Another 71 photos and 7 videos have been added to their respective galleries.


Photo credits: ayala.artist, bitchcraft_03, jxnnx,hxnd, paigebriana22, themcflannel, selftitled.amber, picturesfromw, darcie_williams, wholes0me.th0t, stefano.todaro, sillywillyhooligan, hanpro, For_Why_Ky, Anna Schaeffer, ylrac, ace_of_tiny_ghosts & tristonlochner


Video credits: Daniel Davis & Rob Jet

Austin, TX - Update

Another update for the Austin City Limits Festival. A new set of 22 photos has been added to the gallery.


Photo credits: Michael Minasi

2012 Live Shows

Paramore didn’t play much shows in 2012, unfortunately. We’ve added all 2012 liveshows to a new photo gallery.

The gallery has now more than 31.000 photos!
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