Gallery Update 10/12/22

Chesterfield, MO Gallery Added

A great start with the Chesterfield, MO gallery; even though the show was just played last night, we’ve got 66 photos waiting for you! On youtube, there’s only one video so far, so we’ve embedded some Instagram clips for now until more videos appear 🙂


Photo credits: randombubblegum, elartisthambre, roxymoure, mythiccz, graveyaardvark, Owlenstar, nanners224, amilladesign, KatieK0057, morgan.bethel, courti_d, illsingmyheartout, lauramarie69420, bellamaerainey, dylanrolyat, warriorayking, rebeccakhavrillka & Unknown


Video credits: Wacky4Alanis, Instagram credits are below the embedded videos.

Austin, TX - Update

Also a beefy update for the Austin, TX show. A big update with 70 new photos has been added to the photo gallery. Also the video gallery is completed with separate videos of the full set they played during the festival.

Photo credits:
Dan Garcia, Jay Janner, Daniel Cavazos, Rachel Parker, Brook Burris Photography, CreightonBranch, Pooneh Ghana, saramajorie, feliu,jpg, syeda_sy98 & paulaaaanicole


Video credits: FrogUgly Favorite & Paramore Latino

Minor website updates

A few small updates to the website as well! A new “Miscellaneous” gallery is added to the main photo gallery page. The video gallery link in the menu is also fixed for now. It just shows the latest video galleries for now, but it’ll look fancier once we get more videos added to the gallery.

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